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RE: Bug or feature?

From: Stephen F. Booth
Subject: RE: Bug or feature?
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2001 15:57:03 -0500

> I've found one interesting thing -- regardless of the actual type
> of the uploaded
> file dataType is always "text/plain".
> Is it normal or am I doing something wrong?

I guess this depends if the file is text or not <g>.  Seriously, there was a
bug with the code that handled the content type in version 3.1.5 that is
fixed in CVS.  If you grab version 1.7 of Cgicc.cpp from CVS the problem
should be fixed.  I'm in the process of changing quite a few things so I'm
not really in a position to roll a new release just yet.  You can grab
Cgicc.cpp from


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