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Single attributes

From: Quintin Connell
Subject: Single attributes
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 15:54:07 +0200 (SAST)
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A number of HTML attributes only require a name, and not a name = "value" pair. 
Notably the selected, checked and readonly tags when dealing with forms. The 
current behaviour if you set any of these is to get the following output in your
HTML <input type="text" name="txtBox" value="My Text" readonly="readonly" />. 

This appears to work, esp for the checked and selected tags of radio buttons/ 
check boxes and select options. But I don't think this is quite what was

The HTMLAttribute class does provide a constructor that accepts one parameter, 
but that parameter is mirrored to both the name and the value members. I 
a change as follows to the constructor

CGICCNS HTMLAttribute::HTMLAttribute(const STDNS string& name) 
  : fName(name), 

and hence the render member function can be changed as follows: 
CGICCNS HTMLAttribute::render(STDNS ostream& out)               const 
        if (!getValue().empty()) { 
                out << getName() << "=\"" << getValue() << "\""; 
        else { 
                out << getName(); 

Which would then render the attribute as expected. 


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