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RE: [help-cgicc] strange errors on Solaris 2.6

From: Stephen F. Booth
Subject: RE: [help-cgicc] strange errors on Solaris 2.6
Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2002 11:55:43 -0400

It's been awhile since I've used Solaris, but this sounds like a linker
problem.  If I remember, there is an environment variable called
LD_LIBRARY_PATH that the linker checks (at runtime).  If an executable
tries to link to a library not in a system default location, it then
checks the locations specified in LD_LIBRARY_PATH.  I also believe there
is a utility called ldconfig for editing those paths, but don't quote me
on it.  In any case, if you install cgicc in /usr, and set
LD_LIBRARY_PATH to /usr/lib, does anything work?  Nevermind the obvious
fact that /usr is surely a system default location that the linker
should be checking...  My $.02


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> Subject: [help-cgicc] strange errors on Solaris 2.6
> Hello everyone,
> I tried to install cgicc-3.2.1 in Solaris 2.6  with  the  default
> prefix /usr, but the result was somewhat disapointing: g++ 2.95.3
> spat out long lists of error messages, templates having C linkage
> or  similar. Even for the simplest program using Cgicc. Strangely
> enough,     it      did      work      when      I      specified
> -I<path/where/I/had/compiled/cgicc-3.2.1>.
> I  then  removed  everything  and  reinstalled  with  prefix   --
> prefix=/usr/local.   Now  everything  works  fine.  Does  anybody
> understand g++ on Solaris well enough to explain  why  this  hap-
> pens?
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