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RE: [help-cgicc] How to log under W2K

From: Stephen F. Booth
Subject: RE: [help-cgicc] How to log under W2K
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 23:49:05 -0400

As Alexander said in his reply, you need to define gLogFile globally
somewhere.  You can use something like

  STDNS ofstream gLogFile( "/change_this_path/cgicc.log", STDNS ios::app

so you won't have to remove it if you don't compile with DEBUG defined.


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> Subject: [help-cgicc] How to log under W2K
> Hi all,
> I would like to enable logging under Windows 2000. I've therefore
> DEBUG in the VC6 project for the compilation of the cgicc library, but
> this
> just results in an unresolved external symbol "(yadi yadi) gLogFile".
> assume
> logging works under POSIX OSs where the lib is created with make, but
> is
> that done under W2K ?!?
> TIA,
> CU Steve
> PS: I see from the mail archive that there was an issue with the VC
> file. If that is still open, I would be happy to provide my project
> file...
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