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[help-cgicc] Debug / Release Problem

From: Steve . Pole
Subject: [help-cgicc] Debug / Release Problem
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 14:14:58 +0100 (MET)

I am working on a CGI application that takes a few input parameters, does
some processing and outputs the result as XML stream back to the CGI interface.
The actual internal workings are more or less irrelevant.

The application works fine in the release version, but in the debug version,
the result apparently is sent to the CGI interface, but doesn't seem to
arrive there.

I have managed to track down this issue to a single line of code. When this
line is active, the debug version doesn't work, when it is commented out, it
DOES work.

I've got a hard time believing that, but see for yourself:

const_form_iterator itStartCountry = cgi.getElement ("StartCountry");
if (itStartCountry == (*cgi).end () || itStartCountry->isEmpty ())
   writer.error2XMLReply ("Parameter 'StartCountry' is missing.");
   return 0;
else strStartCountry = **itStartCountry;

(writer.error2XMLReply is just a XML writer that wraps the error message
into XML...)

The code line in question is the last one ("else strStartCountr ...") I
don't really think I am doing anything special here, but the error is completely
reproducible on multiple systems all running W2K / Apache 2.0 / IE6 / cgicc

Just to make that absolutely clear: The application doesn't crash, it
doesn't throw any exceptions (as far as I can tell...), the Apache error logs 
have any entries. The only symptoms in the debug versions are that instead
of displaying the XML results (like in the release version), the browser keeps
'waiting' (displaying the rotating logo) and after some time, times out. The
CGI application stays in memory as a non-killable process.

I can't get build the cgicc library with logging support enabled, so there
is no chance on hints from there. I don'T know either how to run a CGI
application in debug mode (so I can step through it...), but maybe someone has 
a tip
concernign that...

Any ideas ?!?



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