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[help-cgicc] Limits in getDoubleValue and getIntegerValue

From: Carsten P. Gehrke
Subject: [help-cgicc] Limits in getDoubleValue and getIntegerValue
Date: Sat, 02 Nov 2002 13:06:46 -0800

As I understand from the documentation and the source code, the FormEntry::getDoubleValue method silently clamps the returned value to the min and max parameters, if these are given. Is there any way to check if the value of the CGI parameter was outside the limits? E.g. if I have a CGI argument list containing d=85.9, and I use getDoubleValue(-75.0, 75.0), the value I get for d will be 75.0, while a CGI with d=75.0 would also give me a value of 75.0. It would be useful to know that in the first case the value of d was outside the limits, while in the second case it was OK.

I think the same applies to the getIntegerValue method.

Thank you,

                            Carsten P. Gehrke

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