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[help-cgicc] Compiler Error

From: Steve Pole
Subject: [help-cgicc] Compiler Error
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 19:31:55 +0100 (MET)

Hi all,

after some substantial changes in my code, I suddenly get the following
compiler errors on W2K / VC6 / cgicc 3.2:

cgicc\htmlclasses.h(193) : error C2065: 'smallTag' : undeclared identifier
cgicc\htmlclasses.h(193) : error C2628: 'HTMLBooleanElement' followed by
'char' is illegal (did you forget a ';'?)
cgicc\htmlclasses.h(193) : warning C4091: 'typedef ' : ignored on left of
'class cgicc::HTMLBooleanElement' when no variable is declared

This is the first time is see this and I am pretty sure that the problem is
on my side, but I have scoured almost my entire source code and still can't
figure out what's wrong. (If only I knew what change this was caused by... If
only I had made more use of the CVS... If only yadi yadi ...)

Has anyone seen something like this before ??

Thanks for your attention,

CU Steve

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