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[help-cgicc] (no subject)

From: Сергей Островский
Subject: [help-cgicc] (no subject)
Date: Mon, 02 Dec 2002 21:55:06 +0300

Hello Friends,

      could anyone tell me what i did wrong?

      here is error:

      CGI Error
      The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set 
of HTTP headers. The headers it did return are:

      here is my cgi program:

#include <iostream>
#include <vector>
#include <string>

#include "cgicc/Cgicc.h"
#include "cgicc/HTMLClasses.h"
#include "cgicc/HTTPHeaders.h"

using namespace std;
using namespace cgicc;

main(int argc, 
     char **argv)
   try {
      Cgicc cgi;

      // Send HTTP header
      cout << HTTPHTMLHeader() << endl;

      // Set up the HTML document
      cout << html() << head(title("Cgicc example")) << endl;
      cout << body() << endl;

      cout << h1("Hi! I Am a CGI") << endl;

      // Close the HTML document
      cout << body() << html();
   catch(exception& e) {
      // handle any errors - omitted for brevity
   return 0;

   the error occurs even if i try to send headers by this way:
   printf("Content-Type: text/html\n");


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