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[help-cgicc] stlport

From: Tufan Oruk
Subject: [help-cgicc] stlport
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2002 16:53:14 -0000
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I want to use cgicc with STLPort. Invoking configure script like

./configure \
       CXXFLAGS="-I/usr/local/include/stlport " \


   configure: error: C++ compiler cannot create executables

I also tried many variations of configure but failed. However I can compile cgicc (and test programs) by manually modifying auto-generated Makefiles. I simply modified CXXFLAGS and add required libraries (-lstlport_gcc -lpthread) to LIBS in Makefiles. I think this is not "the right thing" to do.

What is the proper way to invoke configure script to prepend required flags to the makefiles?

I am using cgicc 3.2.1 on rh 7.2.

thanks in advance


PS: I do not follow this mailing list, I will appreciate if you reply to my e-mail address.

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