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Re: [help-cgicc] session how to, please explain

From: Anthony Bouvier
Subject: Re: [help-cgicc] session how to, please explain
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 12:54:06 -0400

> The fact that cgicc does not support 'sessions' keeps me from using cgicc for 
> anything serious;
> and hacking in one's own session mechanism is a lot of work considering that 
> it comes baked-in
> with nearly every competing technology.  

But .. the concept of session management has nothing to do with what
Cgicc is there for.  It -should- be handled separately.

Let's look at a widely-used, though not C++ library, for Perl. 
Funny, it handles almost exactly what Cgicc does.  And session
management is handled by other things, as it should.

I sent an example to the original questioner (and accidentally did that
from an account not on the mailing list so my post didn't get to the
list .. at least until a mod lets it through).  It gives him a rough
outline of how to handle sessions in conjunction with Cgicc.  And its
not difficult at all.

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