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[help-cgicc] The problem with compilation of fcgi-test.cpp under win32 i

From: Igor
Subject: [help-cgicc] The problem with compilation of fcgi-test.cpp under win32 is solved
Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2005 00:22:01 +0300

Hello All,

How to use cgicc & fcglib under win32:

To do steps for Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 (VC7):

To compile the fcgi-test.cpp under win32 you would have to
add CGICC_EXPORT in Preprocessor definitions.

Another problem which was solved earlier is that by default VC7 has
Runtime Library set to Single Threaded Debug DLL (MLd), in order to assemble
cgicc lib, fastcgi lib and run examples one would have to set Runtime
Library to Multi Threaded Debug DLL (MDd)

Hope it will help someone, I've spent several days figuring that out.

And now, cgi-fast is running happily with cgicc allowing us to develop
objects under win32 and then port them to ux* systems.

Best regards,
 Igor                          mailto:address@hidden

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