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[help-cgicc] Set-Cookie: Max-Age support

From: Igor
Subject: [help-cgicc] Set-Cookie: Max-Age support
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 14:15:56 +0400

Hello help-cgicc,

      Max-Age is a very convenient feature supported by RFC 2109 complaint
      browsers and CGICC library.

===RFC 2109 snap===
4.2.2  Set-Cookie Syntax

   The syntax for the Set-Cookie response header is

   set-cookie      =       "Set-Cookie:" cookies
   cookies         =       1#cookie
   cookie          =       NAME "=" VALUE *(";" cookie-av)
   NAME            =       attr
   VALUE           =       value
   cookie-av       =       "Comment" "=" value
                   |       "Domain" "=" value
                   |       "Max-Age" "=" value
                   |       "Path" "=" value
                   |       "Secure"
                   |       "Version" "=" 1*DIGIT
===/RFC 2109 snap===
      This feature is rendered useless due to non RFC-2109 compliant
      Microsoft Internet Explorer. The only way to set up cookie age
      for IE is to use an old "expired" syntax.

      CGICC stopped supporting "expired" syntax switching to Max-Age
      a while ago (apparently it was a bad design decision).
      Considering the fact that most of the surfers are using IE and
      IE doesn't support Max-Age there is no library support for managing
      cookie expiration time.

      You may still render the cookie yourself though.

      For those who is wondering why Max-Age doesn't work for their
      projects - here comes the answer.

Best regards,
 Igor                          mailto:address@hidden

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