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Re: [help-cgicc] debugging suggestions

From: Igor
Subject: Re: [help-cgicc] debugging suggestions
Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2008 00:02:02 +0400

Hello Jay,

Friday, August 22, 2008, 5:09:30 PM, you wrote:

JS> I'm developing a cgicc fastcgi application. I can serve regular html
JS> pages just fine but when I try to do AJAX stuff it blows chunks
JS> (that's a technical term). I'm using IIS with the fastcgi dll for
JS> testing. My code is simple. I create a new httpresponse header and
JS> populate it with '204' and 'No Content'. I send it and a text/plain
JS> header. It looks like it matches the http 1.0
JS> spec but I keep getting 500 errors from IIS.

    check out:
    * IIS logs
    * you're actually sending HTTP response in AJAX mode to cout
    * there is no other text that has been sent to cout before you
      sent HTTP header
    * your streams are rerouted to FastCGI handler
    * fastcgi.dll is in path and could be loaded by your fcgi app at
    * cgicc.dll is in path and could be loaded by your fcgi app at
    * you have the same threading model for fastcgi.dll, cgicc.dll and
      your app, it should be Multithreaded
    * there is such a remarkable thing under windows|Visual Studio as
      DebugBreak() - use it

    well if everything fails then you might have forgotten about fcgi

Best regards,
 Igor                            mailto:address@hidden

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