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[help-cgicc] cgicc extension - webstd

From: Igor
Subject: [help-cgicc] cgicc extension - webstd
Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2008 23:56:01 +0400

Hello All,

  Many years ago I wrote a C++ library called "web standard library" or webstd it is portable and works for UX & win32 platforms. A year ago I decided

  to make it an open source and made it available to the public at:

Webstd Features:

* CGI support (through cgicc)

* template engine, with built-in "c-script language translator"

* every web_std function is available through c-script

* support for custom c-script UDFs (user defined functions)

* mail class with CID support (through template engine)

* HTTP class, handling POST & GET requests, cookie, c-script's virtual includes, etc

* URL handling helpers

* MD5 support

* numerous helpful functions

* file handling support

* built-in benchmark class

* base64 support

* fully documented (docs are currently in Russian, the appearance of English docs depends on your requests)

* samples are included

* stable

* portable

* fast

* c-scrip is especially designed to support programming architecture you'll find in examples

* FastCGI support, webstd is fully compatible with FastCGI

webstd implements a simple cscript language in <!--c print("this is c-script"); c--> tag, and you can extend already defined built-in functions from your own 

program via UDF class. The library is not entirely autonomous it is designed to work with cgicc and curl this library saved me a lot of time, once you got used

to it - you will build structured C++ apps almost as fast as PHP|perl.

webstd integrates web developers's needs on a smaller scale just like PHP does on a greater scale but webstd design enforces that a 

developers would not forget about C++ and wouldn't just use c-script instead.

I invite all to take a look at it, it might save you some time.


Best regards,

 Igor                            mailto:address@hidden

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