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[help-cgicc] about CgiEnvironment and POSTDATA when using multiplexed Fa

From: Andrey Vul
Subject: [help-cgicc] about CgiEnvironment and POSTDATA when using multiplexed FastCgi
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2010 04:58:20 -0500
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In the CgiEnvironment constructor, it looks like it attempts to read all
of stdin.
FastCgi, however, chunks the stdin packets.

1) Is the read function, as defined in a subclass bridging a
multiplexing FastCgi with Cgicc, supposed to block until there
everything can be read, as done in the official FastCgi SDK's
FCGX_GetStr(FCGX_Stream*, char*, int)?
Or use EAGAIN / exceptions and wrap input->read in a for(;;)?
I'm using another FastCgi class because the fact that I'm threading
the processing means that multiplexing is the way to go to unleash the
performance of parallelism, and FCGX_* is not multiplexing-safe.
Note: the FastCgi instance class basically calls
std::string::append(input_buffer.end(), stdin_data, stdin_len). 
2) Is there an ability to limit the size of POSTDATA by using a function
hook? The non-virtuality of CgiEnvironment implies that implementing
this would require patch && make && sudo make install.

Note: I am not on the mailinglist. CC me when needed.

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