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Re: rejecting administrivia bugs

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: rejecting administrivia bugs
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2011 14:13:57 -0400
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Eric Blake wrote:

> Coreutils got two separate administrivia bugs created today:

I removed them altogether. This is easy for me to do; you don't even
need to close them.

I'll take this mail as carte blanche to remove any such that may crop up
in future. Remind me if they are still there after say a week.

> I squelched them at the mailman interface so they didn't hit the list
> archives, but is there any way to reject them earlier at the debbugs
> interface so that they don't even waste a bug number?  Pretty much any
> bug report where the subject and/or body is [un]subscribe, without any
> other useful content, is unlikely to be a real bug.

At least one was held for debbugs-submit moderation. I would have
rejected it, had I seen it, but someone else accepted it before I saw

Bugnumbers are not in short supply, but I added a rule to reject

^Subject: (un)?subscribe$

BTW, coreutils gets a trickle of "help me with my general Ubuntu
problem" type mails. I reject these when I see them. I see from the
coreutils archives that you started looking into this before, to see why
people were doing this. For some reason they still do it.

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