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Re: grep BTS setup? Plus more to follow?

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: grep BTS setup? Plus more to follow?
Date: Sat, 24 Aug 2013 15:48:24 -0400
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Bob Proulx wrote:

> Recently in Jim Meyering mentioned that
> he would appreciate it if someone would coordinate setting up grep for
> the BTS usage too.  This was in response to my comment
> that if grep were using it then the
> misfiled bug could simply be assigned over to it.  And so I am writing
> to see if this could be done.

Sure. Do you want me to do it now?

> Note that Jim also mentions proceeding on with diffutils, gzip,
> etc. too so I would like to ask if it is difficult to do these one at
> a time or if it would be easier to set up several at once? 

It doesn't make any difference to me.

> I think we would want to switch them on one at a time though just to
> contain the communication work needed on the project mailing lists.
> But if we could plan for grep, diffutils, and gzip that would be
> awesome!

Whatever you prefer. I don't need to plan anything, just confirmation as
to when you want me to do it for any given project. It's just a case of
editing a few config files.

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