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Re: Looking for new maintainer(s) for

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: Looking for new maintainer(s) for
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2018 20:29:54 -0400
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Thanks Bob, Noam, Michael.
A team sounds better than one person.
If there are people to help, I might even hang around. :)

Bob & Noam, please send me your public ssh keys off-list, and I will give
you login access (Michael already has it).

Then I suggest the way to get started is to chase up the FSF ticket
about a new VM for a Debian 9 version. Once that host is created, it can
be installed from scratch with the same package list as the existing
one, and some better system for managing local patches (apart from
debbugs itself, I think these are basically all configuration file
tweaks, for exim, apache, mailman, etc). I imagine Bob's experience with
savannah could be useful there.

Then it will be time to install a newer, rebased debbugs version, again
with a better patch management method. Noam has already done a lot of
this. And then check that it works (my worry has always been that some
newer perl version will have some incompatibilities, but rebasing should
avoid that), sync over the existing bug database, do more checks
(somehow without spamming the real gnu bug mailing lists with test

Then finally switch over to the new system and retire the old

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