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Re: bug#43073: Trim/hide full email headers on debbugs

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: bug#43073: Trim/hide full email headers on debbugs
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2020 23:57:28 -0700

I see we have yet another complaint about IP addresses.  Two if I
count the other mailing list complaint too.  Personally I have no
understanding of what people are thinking with regards to IP
addresses.  I think I will blame Hollywood movies on it.  Hollywood
makes people think it means something that it does not mean.

In any case yet again the complaint was about the db links.  It's
really only the db tree view that people are complaining about.

I use the BTS a lot but really I had never looked at the db views
before these complaints.  Is there a use for the db views?

What do people think of disabling the display of the entire db view
tree?  I propose to do this unless someone tells me not to.

Just keep it simple and take the brute force and ignorance approach
and add in another apache server rewrite rule redirect so that the
entire tree is redirected to the document root.  In one action that
would make all of those views unavailable and perhaps would stop the
complaints.  WDYT?


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