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Re: Remove IP address

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: Remove IP address
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 2020 19:44:07 -0700

Glenn Morris wrote:
> Bob Proulx wrote:
> > This is a bug report from May 2000 talking about exposing the same
> > information. It was closed "wontfix" upstream.
> >
> >
> For the record, I don't think that report is relevant to this issue.
> That report refers to email addresses, not IP addresses and full headers.

I disagree.  Email header data is email header data whether it is from
or to or date or subject or received or what mailer is in use to send
it or whatever.  It's all header data.

> And has local changes that (IMO) fix that bug that Debian
> marked wontfix:
> 1) email addresses are completely removed in the static "db" versions of
> the d.g.o bug web pages (which are indexed by web crawlers)
> 2) basic @ obfuscation is applied to the dynamic cgi bug web pages
> (which are not indexed by web crawlers)

And since there have already been local changes continuing to diverge
I am sliding along with the flow and not blocking any further changes
and actually am trying to help with those changes.

> I don't know if "don't show full email headers in the static bug pages"
> has ever been reported to Debian. (Maybe Debian doesn't even use the
> static bug pages any more, I could not find them when I looked.)

I don't find them for debbugs either.  Where is the initial seed
location that search engines are using to start crawling debbugs in
order to find the db tree?  I couldn't find it.  How do search engines
find the debbugs db trees?


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