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Re: [h-e-w] Emacs w32 FAQ maintainer

From: Charles Curley
Subject: Re: [h-e-w] Emacs w32 FAQ maintainer
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2004 14:52:09 -0600
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On Wed, Sep 01, 2004 at 10:43:46PM +0200, Lennart Borgman wrote:
> There is currently no maintainer (as far as I know) for GNU Emacs FAQ for
> Windows ( Steve Kemp who
> was the former maintainer says he handed over maintainer a few good years
> ago.
> Steve seems to have done a big job, there is a lot of information in the
> FAQ. However as time has passed half of the links in the FAQ are now dead.
> Probably some of the info is aged and no more relevant.
> I think a maintainer is needed. Questions relevant to the w32 port of Emacs
> will be much more visible with a FAQ that is up to date. That could speed up
> the development on issues specific to the port.
> Is there anyone on this list who want to be the maintainer?

I am not volunteering.

That said, one thing the new maintainer can do is add a link to my NT
Emacs Installation page, at



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