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[h-e-w] Emacs w32 faq maintainer - 3 persons interested

From: Lennart Borgman
Subject: [h-e-w] Emacs w32 faq maintainer - 3 persons interested
Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2004 01:04:21 +0200

I am glad to say there seem to be several persons interested in maintaining
Emacs w32 FAQ. In this letter I will tell you all circumstances around this
I know about to make things more easy for you.

I am in no position to take any decision about who is going to be the
maintainer. My involvement in this is solely that I found that Emacs w32 FAQ
seemed to be a bit out of date. That led me to try to write an installer for
Emacs on w32 but that is another story (which I hope to finish soon). I
searched for Steve (the former maintainer) who when I found him could
explain to me that he had not been the maintainer for a good many years
(since he is now working only on GNU/Linux). So there is no maintainer and
it has been so for a long time now.

I asked on the address@hidden list and got a tip to ask on
address@hidden . The result was very good. You are three persons
who are interested, Wojtek, Chris and Christopher. Wojtek has got more info,
since he was first, and I believe he is ready to take over.

I believe there is plenty of work to do at the moment and my suggestion is
that you share the work. (Of the 400-500 links in the FAQ about half are
broken today. Nearly all of the broken links are in the second half of the

David J Biesack has made the suggestion that Emacs Wiki is used for the FAQ.
Alex Schroeder has similar ideas.

I would however rather suggest that the FAQ continue to exist and that it is
kept in the Emacs CVS repository (as it is now). It could be good to be able
to access old versions from the CVS repository if something goes wrong.
There is a lot of work laid down in the FAQ.

I suggest instead that Emacs Wiki is used for correcting errors in the FAQ
and making suggestion for additions.

**** At the moment three things are needed to proceed:
1) Answer the question if we believe there should still be an Emacs w32 FAQ.
2) Decide who we want to be the maintainer (one or several if that is
possible). I am sure I have given Wojtek the impression that he could take
over at once. That was what I believed. There seem however to be some
decision process at FSF that is unclear to me.
3) Ask FSF to give the new maintainer(s) the necessary privileges to do the

The way to use Emacs Wiki I believe we can leave to the new maintainer(s).

I think Steve has more info he can give to the new maintainers. I have some
letters from him I can forward too.

====> We need some clarifications about the procedures at FSF. Richard, can
you please help us with this?

I hope this letter brings us a bit closer to a solution ;-)

- Lennart

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