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Re: [h-e-w] Middle mouse button is <down-mouse-1> instead of mouse-2

From: David Vanderschel
Subject: Re: [h-e-w] Middle mouse button is <down-mouse-1> instead of mouse-2
Date: 15 Sep 2004 04:39:11 -0500

On Monday, September 13, "Christian Schlauer" <address@hidden> wrote:
>I now reinstalled the Logitech driver:


>I also tried M-: (setq w32-num-mouse-buttons 3) RET, but that isn't
>better than the default setting of 5 mouse buttons.

Let me offer a couple more data points:

I have a GlidePoint touchpad on my keyboard, and I
have it hooked up satisfactorily through the PS/2 port
with the Logitech driver.  Since left and right clicks
can be achieved via the pad itself, I have the 2
buttons mapped to different functions - one of which
emulates a middle button.  (Emacs does not see the
other one, as I have it set up to behave like Window's
Alt-Esc.)  I have w32-swap-mouse-buttons set to t, so
that a middle button event is a mouse-3 event for me.
(Having begun with a 2-button mouse, I was never able
to stop thinking of left and right as mouse-1 and
mouse-2, respectively.)

I have a fairly plain scroll-wheel USB mouse, which
the Logitech driver does not see but for which the MS
USB pointing device driver works OK.  For me, pressing
the wheel does produce a middle button event which
emacs sees.

I did not even know about w32-num-mouse-buttons, and I
am wondering what it really does.  Mine is set to 2,
but that setting does not seem to prevent events from
all three buttons on the USB mouse from getting
through nor does it prevent emacs from seeing the
touchpad button which I defined (in the Logitech Mouse
Properties dialogue) to emulate a middle button.  

Does anyone fully understand the significance of
w32-num-mouse-buttons?  It seems that you can lie
about it and still get consistent results.  Since you
can have multiple pointing devices under Windows, it
does not make much sense to me for emacs to even worry
about this, since the answer may be different
depending on which device the user uses.  (There was a
time once when I had four pointing devices hooked up
and working simultaneously, and that is not even
counting Window's mouse moving and clicking functions
on the keypad.)  From a program's point of view, there
is no telling which pointing device I am going to grab
for.  (It actually depends on my sitting position.  If
I am kicked way back, it is the touchpad.  If my
sitting position is erect, I am more likely to grab
the mouse.  (The touchpad sucks for playing
Minesweeper! ;-) ))  The main use I have for my mouse-3
is pasting-mouse-drag-secondary from the mouse-extras

  David V.

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