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Re: [:alpha:] classe does not support isalpha characters

From: Jorge Gustavo Rocha
Subject: Re: [:alpha:] classe does not support isalpha characters
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 00:07:08 +0000
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Hi Will and Valter,

Will is right; according to the manual [:alpha:] should match every isalpha() character. I've tested a lot (but always on Linux) and I am quite sure that the locale are set correctly. I can use isalpha() C function with the expected behavior, inside my flex program. I'm using flex version 2.5.4 (8 bit is default), and gcc 3.2.2. (More precisely, I'm using flex version 2.5.4a, release 29).

The flex generated automata does not include all the isalpha characters in the class [:isalpha:]. Even with the locale working, [:isalpha:] is like a normal [a-zA-Z].

Of course, I've solved my problem using definitions for all accented characters. But that is not portable; that is a very primitive way of doing things (specially when we are pressed to move to Unicode).

I'm interested in finding the problem [and the solution]. I can read code written by others. Where should I start to correct this?

Thank you both (and Ruediger Haertel) for the feedback,


W. L. Estes wrote:
On Tuesday, 28 October 2003,09:04 -0200, Valter G. Nogueira Jr. wrote:

I am not a flex expert but I consider that it doesn't use isalpha to match

The flex manual states that a match in a character class using
[:alpha:] should be equivalent to a match against isalpha(). If this
report turns out to be true, then it would be a bug.

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