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Pleased to see people here wishing to help with gawk!

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Pleased to see people here wishing to help with gawk!
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2021 11:36:02 -0600

Hello to all of those who are coming from the bug-gawk mailing list
who have subscribed here to help out people with questions about GNU
gawk!  It's heart warming to see the community pull together to help
each other. :-)

This is a new mailing list therefore I thought I would mention some of
the general anti-abuse processes that happen behind the scenes.

Initially all new postings get held for moderation on the initial
contact.  That's standard operating procedure for most of the GNU
mailing lists at this time.  Then upon human review they are approved
and subsequent postings are not held for moderation and conversations
can continue at the speed of Mailman.  Therefore for all initial
postings please expect some moderation delay.  However there is a team
of people (we call them the "listhelpers") so this is usually attended
to quickly and without undue delay or hardship.  It's one of the ways
we keep the mailing lists usable without too much spam.

This mailing list is publicly archive.  Postings will appear in the
email archive here.

The FSF has a strong policy of not editing the archives.  For the full
privacy policy see here.

As always if there are any problems with mail or the mailing lists
please contact either the mailing list owner (the $LIST-owner AT owner address) or the Mailman team (at mailman AT and
we will be happy to help with subscription problems or email problems!


Speaking for the team as a volunteer mailing list helper.

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