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Re: @include suggesting feature: PROCINFO[ "include" ] array

From: J Naman
Subject: Re: @include suggesting feature: PROCINFO[ "include" ] array
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2022 16:52:59 -0400

The order in which Gawk reads @includes can sometimes make a difference in
program execution. I note that the proposed example,
# PROCINFO[ "include" ][ "abc" ] = "filepath/" abc.gwk
presumably would be subject to PROCINFO["sorted_in"] traversal of the array.
Perhaps the following might be helpful and not a burden on GAWK to
increment a counter as is processes includes (even those from the command
PROCINFO[ "include" ][ 1, "abc" ] = "filepath/" abc.gwk
PROCINFO[ "include" ][ 2, "xyz" ] = "filepath/" xyz.gwk
just a thought ... john

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