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[help-gengetopt] Generating man pages from gengetopt

From: Matt Junker
Subject: [help-gengetopt] Generating man pages from gengetopt
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 08:15:05 -0600

I think I have an easier solution for making man pages than my previous
proposal.  `help2man' now supports options which are not separated by
commas.  The --include feature of help2man ignores everything before the
first [...] sequence.

This means that a .ggo file can be used directly by help2man.  Gengetopt
would need to support some sort of end of file marker, like @bye in Texinfo.
help2man would ignore everything before the first line with [...], and
Gengetopt would ignore everything after the marker.

A .ggo file would look like:

package "p"
purpose "p"
version "1.0"
option "long-option" l "description" no
[see also]
Other programs.

The initial part of the man page's description looks a little strange, but I
can live with it.  The worst part is that help2man inserts blank lines if
the description is more than one line.

The output of my proposed text feature looks acceptable.

All of this could be handled with grep and scripts, but I think adding the
end marker should be simple.


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