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Re: [help-gengetopt] Groups and other wishes

From: Lorenzo Bettini
Subject: Re: [help-gengetopt] Groups and other wishes
Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2003 09:44:24 +0200
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Jens Jakobsen wrote:
Hi Lorenzo and everybody else,

Hi Jens!  Nice to hear back from you!

*** Subsections ***

The idea of subsections is that you can have multiple options which each has suboptions. Consider an animal simulation program, which allow simulation of multiple animals with different characteristica:

animalsimulator --location Madrid --size 10000 --animal cat { -- tale 1 --legs 4 --wings 0} --animal chicken {--tale 0 --legs 2 --wings 2}

you mean that the options in the { } refer to the previous specified --animal, is that right?

Of cause in the spirit of GNU subsections should be allowed to be recursive.

Do you mean that { } in command line are standard for getopt? Sorry about my ignorance but I really didn't know about it. Could you please provide me with some link to this feature?

*** Flag options ***
With the introduction of configuration files I sometimes find myself in the situation where a flag is turned on in the configuration file, but I wish to turn it off again on the command line. This is not possible with the current setup.

you get an error, don't you?

Maybe it would be possible to have the flag options followed by an optional on/off argument. In this way it would be possible to explicitly set the option on or off: <--flag> [on|off]. Default behaviour should be the same as it currently is.

I'm not sure I understood this point: it is already possible to specify a flag option with an option on/off argument...

With gengetopt the output filename defaults to */cmdline.h/* and */cmdline.c./*

I find this a little unpractical, and would prefer to have the output filename
default to <input_filename>.h and <input_filename>.c, where the input filename
is given as <input_filename>.ggo. With --file-name it should still be possible
to override the default behaviour.

I'm a little skeptical about this: if one defines the .ggo file with the same name of the program, the default behaviour as you request would then to, silently, override the main file... I feel safer with the default cmdline.c and cmdline.h :-)


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