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RE: [help-gengetopt] make cmd_line_list and cmd_line_list_tmp static?

From: Gyozo, PAPP (VBuster)
Subject: RE: [help-gengetopt] make cmd_line_list and cmd_line_list_tmp static?
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 09:48:24 +0200


" > " this approach either, I'd suggest to let gengetopt 
" generate "optind =
" > " 0" instead of "optind = 1".
" > Let's see what the specs says [IEEE Std 1003.1, 2004 Edition
" >]
" > 
" > "The variable optind is the index of the next element of the argv[]
" > vector to be processed. It shall be initialized to 1 by the system,
" I think the word "system" in this sentence refers to the underlying
" library that _implements_ getopt (e.g. glibc), rather than to the
" application that _uses_ it.  Indeed, glibc's posix/getopt.c sets this

You may right, and moreover I must admit that I'm able to change this issue in 
the library itself. However, the term "system" is quite    ambiguous at least 
without the original context, I think the system could be interpreted as a 
whole which means none of the components (the getopt implementation, the 
library calling getopt, and the application itself) should not set optind to 0, 
because the sentence continues like this: "... and getopt() shall update it 
when ...". Note the different subjective: system vs. getopt(). But I may be 

I just wanted to attract the attention to the possible negative(?) outcomes of 
this change.

Best regards,
Papp, Gyozo
VirusBuster Kft.

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