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[help-gengetopt] Wish: An option to show more descriptions

From: T
Subject: [help-gengetopt] Wish: An option to show more descriptions
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2006 11:21:33 -0400
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Allow me to elaborate my wish a bit before coming to the real request.

When programming in Perl, I use the Pod::Usage package to show the online
help. What's interesting in the Pod::Usage package is that it gives me
three level of details. One of them is to show the help for parameters
in details. 

In gengetopt, we've already have two level of details:

1. with the option --long-help
2. with the option --help/--show-full-help

But sometimes the one-line explanation from --help might not be enough 
to explain things in details. However, if we put too much info in it, 
the total --help would be too long, thus we'll loose our audience.

So I wish that gengetopt can have another option to show help for parameters
in details (say, --usage).

What the format would be? I think Pod::Usage's format for parameter details
in the standard format. It's ok if you don't have Pod::Usage or know how to
use it. "keychain -h" produces the same format as well. Don't have keychain?
I really recommend installing it if you need to ssh to somewhere else.

BTW, "keychain -h"'s color output is so cool. I wish we could have that
too. :-)

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