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Re: [help-gengetopt] Bug in gengetopt (hidden options and no-handle-help

From: Lorenzo Bettini
Subject: Re: [help-gengetopt] Bug in gengetopt (hidden options and no-handle-help)
Date: Thu, 03 May 2007 16:50:39 +0200
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Thomas Boehne wrote:
address@hidden:~/TiCo-MG/test3/cmd_test1 1$ gengetopt --version
GNU gengetopt 2.19.1

contents of file "test.ggo":
purpose "Foo"
package "bar"
version "1.00.00"

option "par1" - "par 1" string required
option "par2" P "par 2" string optional hidden

invocation of gengetopt:
$ gengetopt --input=test.ggo --no-handle-help

Now cmdline.c contains this:

       case 0: /* Long option with no short option */
          /* Print help, including hidden options, and exit.  */
          if (strcmp (long_options[option_index].name, "full-help") == 0)
            if (local_args_info.full_help_given)
                fprintf (stderr, "%s: `--full-help' option given more than once%s\n", 
argv[0], (additional_error ? additional_error : ""));
                goto failure;
            if (args_info->full_help_given && ! override)
            local_args_info.full_help_given = 1;
            args_info->full_help_given = 1;

          cmdline_parser_free (&local_args_info);
            return 0;

          /* par 1.  */
          if (strcmp (long_options[option_index].name, "par1") == 0)

The code for "par 1" will never be reached, because of the return 0. I
guess it is a bug that only occurs with no-handle-help and hidden
options, but I was not able to really track it down. Maybe somebody
with more knowledge of the gengetopt-code can look into this.

Best regards
Thomas Böhne

yes, this really looks like a bug!

I'll try to fix this as soon as possible and provide a candidate release.

thanks for the report

Lorenzo Bettini, PhD in Computer Science, DSI, Univ. di Firenze
ICQ# lbetto, 16080134     (GNU/Linux User # 158233)

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