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Re: [help-gengetopt] mutually exclusive group of options

From: Papp Gyozo (VBuster)
Subject: Re: [help-gengetopt] mutually exclusive group of options
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 10:16:08 +0200

> >  scan --init   --dir1=... --dir2=... ; create an own scanning process
> > 
> > or
> > 
> >  scan --attach --address=... ; attach to a daemon
> > 
> > I know I can specify "init" and "attach" as mutually exclusive group
> options but I don't know how to induce gengetopt to allow dir options
> only if --init is given and --address if --attach is given. 
> > 
> you can use the "dependon" specification of an option:

It seems I lag behind the rapid development of gengetopt, thanks.

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