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Re: [help-gengetopt] Feature requests: gettext

From: Tim Post
Subject: Re: [help-gengetopt] Feature requests: gettext
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2008 20:16:09 +0800

On Tue, 2008-09-16 at 13:45 +0200, Lorenzo Bettini wrote:
> yes, that'd be a nice implementation! :-)

For that to happen, getopt has to get its own errno and various levels
in standard libc... otherwise the callback can only hope to know the
string, errno and the line in getopt that issued it. If statically
linking, this is no problem. But thats icky.

If that's not the case, we squash the errno that the preceding call set.

The former works, until the line number changes in getopt :) This is the
same case with liblvm2cmd.

This is why I suggest an independent library for a modern getopt.
Porting the existing implementation would be madness in ANY flavor. I'll
work on it if you will :)


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