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[help-gengetopt] show help if no input

From: Duke
Subject: [help-gengetopt] show help if no input
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2010 16:15:49 -0400
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 Hi folks,

I just heard about gengetopt, tried it and like it very much. I want to change the default reaction of gengetopt a little bit to suit my purpose better, so I have two questions below:

* When Print help, is there a way showing that one option is optional and the other is required? For now, help shows only options and their descriptions and values, no way to know if an option is optional or required until one tries the program and some of its options.

* When there is no input (no argument or argc < 2), is there a way of telling gengetopt to show help, even if there are required options? For now, if there is required option, and if the program is invoked without argument, then "option required" shows up, not the help.



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