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[Help-ggradebook] Re[8]: He loves but little who can say and count in wo

From: breunte jena
Subject: [Help-ggradebook] Re[8]: He loves but little who can say and count in words, how much he loves
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006 19:14:49 +0000


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all his life in the country.  Levin saw proofs of this in his
dress, in the old-fashioned threadbare coat, obviously not his
everyday attire, in his shrewd, deep-set eyes, in his idiomatic,
fluent Russian, in the imperious tone that had become habitual
from long use, and in the resolute gestures of his large, red,
sunburnt hands, with an old betrothal ring on the little finger.
Chapter 27
"If I'd only the heart to throw up what's been set going...such a
lot of trouble wasted...I'd turn my back on the whole business,
sell up, go off like Nikolay hear _La Belle
H?l?ne_," said the landowner, a pleasant smile lighting up his
shrewd old face.
"But you see you don't throw it up," said Nikolay Ivanovitch

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