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[help-GIFT] information about user and collection chose

From: Wolfgang Mueller
Subject: [help-GIFT] information about user and collection chose
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 12:19:41 +0100 (CET)

>>>>> "HM" == Henning Mueller <address@hidden> writes:

HM> Hi,
HM> I would like to make the calculation of the scoreboard in different
HM> ways, depending on the user who is using the system and depending on the
HM> collection chosen.
HM> How can I access this information in the CScoreboard class?

you cannot.
I do not think that it is the CScoreBoard's duty to know who the user

Presently not even objects of CQuery type know this (which is more due
to lazyness than anything else). I think the best idea is to add a
special attribute to the parameter CAlgorithm fed to CQuery on
initalisation which contains the




I think I will do that, and then you can use this information at
will. The constants will be mrml_const::user_id and
mrml_const::user_name . For testing you could assume these two to be
set, until I get ready with the rest.


Wolfgang M&uuml;ller, 
assistant-doctorant ==  PhD student (2001), teaching assistant
Personal page: 
Maintainer, GNU Image Finding Tool (

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