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[help-GIFT] script incompatibilities?

Subject: [help-GIFT] script incompatibilities?
Date: Sun, 08 Jul 2001 20:07:39 -0400

i have installed gift 0.1.4e under RH 6.2.  

when i run it looks for
"/home/demo/gift-0.1.4e/../GIFTInstall/share/gift-config.mrml", which
does not exist.  (not even /home/demo existed, and when i created it,
moved gift-0.1.4e into it, and ran "make install" again it still did not
create such a path.)

did i miss something in the installation, or do i some newer script? 
can i create and populate the directory by hand?  

i tried to build 0.1.6pre3 but it seems to be missing a script called
depcomp, that is used by FeatureExtraction/Makefile.

mARK bLOORE <address@hidden>

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