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Re: [help-GIFT] Re: Region query for MRML/GIFT

From: Wolfgang Mueller
Subject: Re: [help-GIFT] Re: Region query for MRML/GIFT
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 13:13:48 +0100

On Thursday 07 March 2002 14:59, Pruet Boonma wrote:
> Hi,
> On Tue, Mar 05, 2002 at 09:24:03PM +0100, Wolfgang M?ller wrote:
> > Dear Pruet,
> >
> > I appreciate a lot our discussion, and I would like to emphasize that
> > anyone is welcome to participate.
> >
> > I guess we are still getting repercussions of my initial
> > misunderstanding. I know it sounds silly, but could you make available
> > your initial DIA file *and* the current version, and I look at both
> > versions again? I think most of my misunderstanding is that when reading
> > segment query I was thinking of query-by-segment and I still could not
> > get this out of my head even when you rectified it. Sorry for that.
> This is the old one.
> This is the new one.
> > Now trying to recall what I have seen of the first version you showed to
> > me, and the later ones, I think it might be good to separate two things:
> >
> > i) query by segment: here the query as well as the result should be
> > syntactically as close to the "normal" query by example as possible, as I
> > outlined in previous mails. This means a syntax like your example from
> > your last mail:
> >
> > <query-result>
> >    <query-result-element-list>
> >       <query-result-element
> >           calculated-similarity="1.000000"
> >           image-location="http://localhost/1.jpg";
> >           thumbnail-location="...">
> >          <query-result-element-segment-list>
> >             <query-result-element-segment segment-id="1">
> >                <box>
> >                 ...
> >                </box>
> >             </query-result-element-segment >
> >             ...
> >          </query-result-element-segment-list>
> >       </query-result-element>
> >    </query-result-element-list>
> > </query-result>
> I strongly believe that this is the one that I want to do. So, in this
> case, it should be an extension of query-step and query-result.

OK. As my two suggestions don't exclude each other I think it is surely a 
good idea to go ahead and implement the stuff. Have fun!


> Ok, you can see that it's possible to put segment data into this scheme.
> However, it will make it's more complicate and make exceptions or
> special cases in parsing.

I don't completely agree with that. However, I think let's leave the start of 
this new discussion in the list, and if it becomes necessary, we can further 
purusue this idea and its discussion.


I am looking forward to seeing your solution :-)
At some point, which is not yet fully determined, I will be off mail for a 
couple of days(/weeks?), as I am taking a new job, and things will be a bit 
hectic for a while. So please continue to be indulgent.


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