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Re: [help-GIFT] problem with starting gift-server

From: Wolfgang Müller
Subject: Re: [help-GIFT] problem with starting gift-server
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 20:42:51 +0100

On Friday 15 March 2002 17:30, address@hidden wrote:
> Zitiere Wolfgang Mueller <address@hidden>:
> Thanks a lot for answering so fast....

Answering mails is more fun than cleaning out the office and packing boxes 

> I know the problem with the services run by root, but for trying its always
> good.

> OK. I put all the files in the /var/www/photogallery directory.
> all the files have a+x rights
Good. My feeling is that a+x does not matter except for the directories.

> > OK. Have you looked into the Charmer.html directory? How do you start
> > charmer?
> In the directory where is the Charmer.html are the charmer directory with
> all the files and directories.

There is some perl script that is called if I remember 
right. It does the necessary modifications for the Charmer.html for the case 
of running the applet locally. You have to do things by hand for the case of 
serving the applet.

> Then it seems that the applet would be loaded, but then says (IE5) that
> cannot find the class charmer.client.charmer.

Could you try to use the JAVA appletviewer, and see if that works? Maybe this 
tells you what to do with JAVA and IE5.


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