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Re: [help-GIFT] Understanding MRML

From: Wolfgang Müller
Subject: Re: [help-GIFT] Understanding MRML
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 07:15:27 +0200


> I would like to ask some questions about the MRML protocol; Wolfgang
> encouraged me to post them to this list...

Good to meet you again :-)


> Introducing new tags and attributes to support new functionality is
> encouraged by the MRML inventors. GIFT itself uses many "non-standard
> tags" which are flagged by th "cui-" prefix. Is the set of
> non-standard tags used by GIFT an "extension" of MRML? If so, why
> isn't it treated this way, i.e. described by a document at
> ?

Hmm. Laziness?  Maybe the only justification is that the additional cui- tags 
are almost all configuration data that are highly unlikely to be interesting 
outside GIFT/Viper. But I agree that this is the wrong spirit. Some 
discussion has been here with Pruet Boonma about extending MRML for region 
queries. We should document all that and put it on I would be ready 
to write something short and readable about the cui tags and post it to 
Geneva. Thanks for kicking us.

> I feel some things were left unspecified, which should be to ensure
> interoparability. Let's consider for instance the value of the "type"
> attribute of the "query-paradigm" tag. Besides its use in determining
> which collections can be queried by which "algorithms", the tag-name
> suggests, that it determines the *kind of query* (supported by the
> query engine/algorithm, the client respectively). Thus, as I understand
> it, the legal values of the "type" attribute should be specified by the
> MRML protocol.

Yes. And I find this is typically something where you need several people. Up 
in the list there are some discussions between Pruet and me, in which we 
write something about that topic. It could be the base to our discussion. And 
yes, this should definitely go to MRML net.

> Think for instance of a the two classical query schemes "query by
> keyword" vs "query by example". I can imagine an MRML-compliant client
> which is supposed to merely support keyword queries. When it connects
> to a CBIRS which on the other hand merely supports QBE, it should be
> able to recognize that no queries can be made.
> If this isn't determined by the "query-paradigm" elements, what is
> the way to go?

It should be determined by query-paradigm elements.

I will be able to write more on wednesday.

BTW are you rather going to adapt your server, or would you be rather going 
for the GIFT/YourSystem plugin solution?

Thanks again for your questions.

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