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Re: [help-GIFT] i18n-proposal

From: Pruet Boonma
Subject: Re: [help-GIFT] i18n-proposal
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 02:52:11 +1000
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On Tue, Jul 09, 2002 at 09:45:53AM +0200, Wolfgang Mรผller wrote:
> On Tuesday 09 July 2002 09:01, Pruet Boonma wrote:
> > Hi,
> Cool to meet you again, Pruet,

My paper work is nearly finished, so I will go back on coding again.

> > In my opinion, it should be better if we can add new language support
> > without the need to alter the MRML DTD. For example, I prefer the
> > similar way as <collections> and <algorithms>,
> > <i18n-collection-names-list>
> >     <i18n-collection-names
> >          lang="en" text="sauerkraut eating contest" />
> >     <i18n-collection-names
> >          lang="de" text="Sauerkrauteเธฟwettbewerb" />
> >     <i18n-collection-names
> >          lang="fr" text="concours des mangeurs de
> > choucroute" />
> > So, in my point of view, there are two approaches now, clients tell
> > servers which language they prefer. On the other hand, servers send the
> > message in every supported language. Then, clients select the
> > appropriate language.
> >
> > I think that the first choice is better.
> I agree.
> OK To put you all into context, when speaking about "real 
> internationalization" I was thinking of GNU gettext. I just scanned the 
> documentation, and if I am not mistaken, having several sessions running on 
> the GIFT each in a different language would be extremely slow. So we would 
> have to roll our own i18n, but I still would like it to be inspired by 
> gettext: In gettext, the program each occurrence of "this is a string" is 
> replaced by gettext("this is a string"). What gettext() does is look up what 
> is the current language, and look up the translation. If there is no 
> translation of the string, the original string is taken.

I'm not sure about this issue. I've read from somewhere that if you
wanna use GNU in your project name, or want to be a part of "official"
GNU project. So, you need to use gettext() for the i18n, as same as you
have to use autoconf,automake,etc. But I'm not completely sure, so you
should check with GNU/FSF guys.

> What I suggest would generating from GNU gettext translation a file 
> gift-i18n.xml that contains all translations the server is supposed to offer. 
> These translations we read on startup.

Look good for me, at least, we use gettext() :P

> At the same time, we give a list of the mrml attributes/tags we want to be 
> translated, also to be found in gift-i18n.xml. The rest is understood, I 
> guess.
> For the gift-i18n.xml I suggest
> <?xml ...?>
> <gift-i18n>
> <i18n-attributes>
> <attribute name="collection-name"/>
> ...
> </i18n-attributes>
> <i18n-database>
> <translation-list language-code="de"
> <translate key="sauerkraut eating contest" to="Sauerkrauteร?wettbewerb" />
> </translation-list>
> </gift-i18n>
> The client won't feel anything, all happens in the server.
> Sound reasonable? (I will be offline now for a couple of hours)

This look reasonable, except that you have to do this before hand. I
mean, you have to generate everything before starting the GIFT server.
Hence, you cannot do any operations on the fly, such as, add new
collection (if it possible in the future). Anyway, your suggestion
should work well with recent GIFT system.

> Wolfgang

Pruet Boonma
Department of Computer Engineering, Chiang Mai University ,

"Think twice before attaching M$-word, M$-excel, M$-powerpoint"

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