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[help-GIFT] New application to the GIFT

From: John Restrepo
Subject: [help-GIFT] New application to the GIFT
Date: Mon, 04 Nov 2002 12:56:05 +0100

Hi Everybody,

I am new to the list and to GIFT, so I will probably be posting a lot here (for help, of course). I work at the Industrial Design Engineering Faculty at TU-Delft in The Netherlands. My work is about interactions between designers and information systems. As part of my research (I am aiming at a PhD), I want to study the effect of format and media in which information is presented to designers in the design process etc. Whatever, I am not going to bore you with all this stuff. The point is that I want to use the gift because it's query by example capabilities.

I managed to install the gift. Installation was reasonably smooth (except for some Perl dependencies that have other dependencies, etc. That seemed to be endless, and I did not want to use CPAN). I have indexed a collection of about 5000 objects from famous and not so famous designers. The collection includes bikes, sunglasses, vacuum cleaners, watches, and a long etc.

I also managed to get the charmer client running. In my collection, perhaps because of the uniformity of the photos, I have obtained remarkable results. The indexing of the collection was also surprisingly fast (I was expecting my PC working on it for 3 days...) In the first attempt I indexed 2000 photos in under three hours (Pentium 4, 1.4 GHz, 256 Mb RAM with Red Hat 8) and the definitive collection (about 4900 photos) in about 6 hours.

Ok, here the complaints section. I swear I have read the documentation and the help archives before writing this, and nothing helped.

I managed to have the charmer interface running on the Linux box, displayed with Mozilla 1.0 and the java2 plugin. It works smoothly (when accessed from the linux box). I can also serve the applet to the web (making the changes to the demo files) but it does not connect to the server when accessed from any other computer. The java window says that they might be a security problem with the applet. I know something can be done about this issue because I have tried a demo of the charmer interface somewhere in the web (perhaps in the viper site???) Some hints on this will be very appreciated.

Now, the PHP interface seems to be bugging everybody (for what I have read on the help-archive on this list). I have made all the appropriate changes to the demo.php and client.php files but still I am unable to connect to the server. It does basically nothing and displays not complains. You can try what I have at or /client.php It is frustrating me.... Grrrr.

My configuration is as follows
Gift runs on port 12789
image collection /home/johnrpo/public_html/imagedatabase
I have given the following permissions to the files (just in case that was the problem)

-rw-rw-rw-    1 johnrpo  johnrpo      8333 Nov  1 01:58 gift-config.mrml
-rwxrw-r-- 1 johnrpo johnrpo 291 Oct 31 18:24
drwxr-xr-x    3 johnrpo  johnrpo      4096 Oct 31 18:24 gift-indexing-data
-rw-rw-rw- 1 johnrpo johnrpo 5593 Nov 1 13:40 gift-last-in-message.mrml -rw-rw-rw- 1 johnrpo johnrpo 9460 Nov 1 13:40 gift-last-out-message.mrml
-rw-rw-rw-    1 johnrpo  johnrpo   1140685 Nov  4 12:17 gift-log.mrml
-rw-rw-r--    1 johnrpo  johnrpo        12 Nov  4 12:17 gift-port.txt

I have also given 775 attribs to the directory where the php interface is located.

Help in this issue is HIGHLY required and appreciated.
N.B. There is no version number for the interface, but I downloaded it last week.


John Restrepo <address@hidden>
TU Delft
Industrieel Ontwerpen
Landbergstraat 15 Kamer 10-4B-39
2628CE Delft
The Netherlands
Phone +31 15 278-5146 Fax +31 15 278-7179

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