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Re: [help-GIFT] libGIFTAcPerl

From: Pruet Boonma
Subject: Re: [help-GIFT] libGIFTAcPerl
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 16:46:24 +0700
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Hi There,

According to Wolfgang email, the gift server should static link with libGIFT*Perl, which it actually be,
address@hidden:/usr/local/bin$ ldd gift => /usr/local//lib/ (0x40014000) => /usr/local//lib/ (0x40026000)
But, when I try to query the image using perl plugin, I have this error message from gift server,
Random number generator has been seeded with 26174
/usr/local//lib/ undefined symbol: libGIFTAcPerl_getClassName File unreadable.
Internationalization will be disabled in this run of the GIFT

it seems to me that when libMRML parse the request MRML, it tries to open the using dlopen, event thoug it's already static link to the binary.

Have I do something wrong here ?


Wolfgang Müller wrote:

On Saturday 30 March 2002 10:01, Pruet Boonma wrote:

Just a short question, I can't find libGIFTAcPerl/cc/ ,
both in 0.1.8 and cvs. Is it intentionally missing or accidentally
missing ?


help-GIFT mailing list
Thanks for the question,
libGIFTQuPerl/AcPerl are the one big exception in the plugin scheme. Currently they are linked at compile/link time with the gift. Since writing that stuff in 2000 I have not tried again if things have evolved so that they can be linked at runtime. Then, of course a plug_in_fo would be needed.

It would be cool to get rid of this special case, but till now it was never very high on my priority list.


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