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[help-GIFT] what is InvertedFileFeatureDescription.db ?

From: Prawit Chaivong
Subject: [help-GIFT] what is InvertedFileFeatureDescription.db ?
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2003 23:47:56 +0700
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hi ,
i'm writing script for prepare database (like )
and i try to learn from . Then i found it extracted feature of each images and create .db and .ADI file by "gift-generate-inverted-file" .that mean you must have url2fts.xml and InvertedFileFeatureDescription.db . url2fts.xml, i can make it but i have a problem with InvertedFileFeatureDescription.db , I know ,It come from "gift-write-feature-descs" script that received one argument . And argument must be .ppm filename . This points make me confusing because i don't know
which file that i should put in script
and last thing . I don't know ,what the InvertedFileFeatureDescription.db do ? and wheater each .ADI came from the same InvertedFileFeatureDescription.db or not ?
thank for help
Prawir Chaivong

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