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[help-GIFT] GIFT Features

From: Sailesh Suvarna
Subject: [help-GIFT] GIFT Features
Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 17:45:30 +1000

Hi all,

In one of the previous postings ‘Understanding MRML: Purpose of 
the"allows-children" ‘
I came across the following…
OK. In MRML, you can specify trees of algorithms. This means, you can combine 
> your algorithm during runtime from blocks. This is done in GIFT/Viper in 
> order to do the separate normalization thing (four feature groups, that are 
> combined with equal weights or chosen weights as it is done in Monash). “

In the above…what are the “four feature groups” currently used?
Are the following right for GIFT? 
1.At present the HSV colour space is used. (18H, 3S, 3V, 4G)
2.Distance/Similarity measure is calculated using histogram intersection.

More questions
3.What is the purpose of ,if histogram intersection 
is the method that is empoyed?

4.If I have to write a plugin say for providing the option of using different 
distance measures under a “Distance Measure” Plugin. How should I go about it, 
if I would like the user to be able to select different distance measure from a 
list of options.

5. Or suppose I’d like to change the colour space used to Luv/Lab and use 
Euclidean distance measure, which are the files I could modify/ redo?



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