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[help-GIFT] Effect of Normalization on Recall-Precision

From: Sailesh Suvarna
Subject: [help-GIFT] Effect of Normalization on Recall-Precision
Date: Thu, 03 Jul 2003 19:11:15 +1000

 Hi all,

   I  have a set of Ranked results taking one ,two and three images as 
relevant. Using the same queries for CIDF with normalization and without 
normalization ( blocking-(*i).second/=fabs(lQueryScore);in 
and then calculating the Recall/Precision and Interpolated Recall Precision, I 
get the same results for both (with and w/o    normalization). I have attached 
the .ps graphs of these results.

   Is the normalization supposed to have any effect on Recall and Precision?

Sailesh Suvarna

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Description: PostScript document

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