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[help-GIFT] gift deb file

From: Seventeen
Subject: [help-GIFT] gift deb file
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 22:58:11 +0800 (CST)

Hi hi ..

For Debian users who want to quick install GIFT server.
You can try to download the

It's a simple apt script like:

apt-get install libxml-perl libxml-dom-perl libxml-xql-perl libperl-dev 
libexpat1-dev libtext-iconv-perl doxygen libdbi-perl expat libtool 
libdbix-xml-rdb-perl libdbix-xmlmessage-perl libdbix-recordset-perl 
libdbix-searchbuilder-perl libdbix-profile-perl libdbix-abstract-perl 
libdbix-cgi-perl libdbix-datasource-perl libdbix-dbschema-perl 
libdbix-easy-perl apache php4

Then download the

use the command to install it.

dpkg -i gift_0.1.9-18_i386.deb 

BTW, this works ok under Debian Stable version. With simplae base debian 
install and all the pre-required programs needed by gift. A Linux box can 
run gift server in about 200M size.

Enjoy it.


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