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Re: [help-GIFT] GIFT installation (new to GIFT)

From: Howard Lee
Subject: Re: [help-GIFT] GIFT installation (new to GIFT)
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 13:46:44 +1100 (EST)

Dear Wolfgang

> On Tuesday 03 February 2004 00:55, you wrote:
> > Dear Wolfgang,
> >
> >     After a bit struggle, I finally get the 1st stage of GIFT
> > configuration working. :-) Then the configuration process continued to
> > download the current version of Charmer at the site, using GET
> > command.
> Good to hear. What did it?

  it happened that in fact, I had two versions of installed, and
was causing conflict during the configuration....
> > ====
> > Downloading the current Charmer version
> > GET
> > ====
> >
> >     However due to the proxy settings in the department, I will need
> > to enter my login and password in order to get access to the out side
> > world. Therefore the GIFT configuration just halt at this stage. And I
> > cannot proceed to the next stage of installation (make & make install) by
> > terminating this process (Ctrl-C)
> >
> >     I am just wondering is there any way I can modify the script so
> > that the login info can be entered?
> Surely someone with knowledge should be able to do that. I do not know yet, if
> you and I qualify. First question: Where do you have to enter this
> information?

  Normally the login info is required whenever we connect to sites other
than our department. So instead, I manually downloaded the Charmer package
from your website. And it is working fine now.

> > Or if I can skip this downloading
> > process at this stage. And obtain the packages manually?
> Could you send me offline your
> Are you doing ./configure --enable-interactive ?
> If so, do
> ./configure --disable-interactive
> --disable-interactive should be the default. So, ./configure should do the
> same.

  Finally, I had GIFT configured and installed. Thank you very much for
your continuous support and advise. My appreciation also extends to David,
Henning, Mario, and others for their help.

Best regards,

PS. Attached, please find a copy of the file.

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