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Re: [help-GIFT] Specifying feature groups in gift-config.mrml

From: David Squire
Subject: Re: [help-GIFT] Specifying feature groups in gift-config.mrml
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2004 19:34:13 +1000
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Wolfgang Müller wrote:

In fact, all of what you suggest, you can do with current MRML. There is the query-paradigm tag for collection and algorithm that fits which algorithm suits what collection.
... but which is not enforced...

The same, the property sheets show the client (among other things) quite precisely what configuration values are of use for a given algorithm.

This being said, adding the information you suggest makes the information already present more human-readable.

Please correct me, if I am wrong.

I agree that it provides this, but as I understand it, it requires the server *code* already to know about things like cui-block-color-blocks etc. I am thinking about a solution that would enable this kind of thing with no need to write code or recompile the server. I want to be able to just drop fts files (and a nice XML feature description file) into the gift-indexing-data directories, edit gift-config.mrml and have things work "out of the box".

The idea is that the server provides some standard similarity calculation tools for known generic feature group types (e.g. histogram, frequency, vectorspace). Using GIFT with any such feature group should not require recompilation.

Perhaps I am wrong, but I don't think that this is possible at present.



PS. Motivation: I recently installed gift-0.1.12 and clobbered my executable that had extensions to deal with text features, without realising that I had done so. I hadn't needed any new code except that to allow me to tell GIFT to block that group - I just used the standard classic IDF, non-histogram similarity. At least GIFT coped gracefully with my requests that kept talking about it :)

Dr. David McG. Squire, Postgraduate Research Coordinator (Caulfield),
Computer Science and Software Engineering, Monash University, Australia

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