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[help-GIFT] RE address@hidden

From: Printing of China
Subject: [help-GIFT] RE address@hidden
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2005 01:26:47 +0800

Dear  address@hidden   ,

We are very glad to know you from Internet,
We are an advertisement making factory in Shenzhen of China,
We hope to detail our services to you, 
and look forward to mutual cooperation between us.

Speciality of our factory:
1. Color poster by spray
Including all kinds of poster, Outdoor and indoor banners, Exhibition 
Stickers, Light slices, Exhibition boards of foam, Transparent slices and more..

2. Color items by printing
Including all kinds of paper printing, Catalogues, Handbags, Cards, Boxes, 
Stick papers, 
Hanging brands, Document pouches, Envelopes, Letter paper, Carbon paper and 
You can visit our home page at for more information.
If you have products to need producing or cost accounting, 
please tell us the name of product, size, quantity, 
the color, the material, the basic design, use occasion and method, etc.. 

The file uploads of address:

The trade is very convenient, If you are in Hong Kong,
We have account No. in Hong Kong, and can deliver after payments,
For other overseas buyers, You can handle remittance through "Western Union" at 
The goods can entrust the Express delivery company to send to your office.

Thanks and best wishes,

AD Factory of Shenzhen
E-mail: address@hidden
Tel: +86-0755-2622 0610
Fax: +86-0755-8240 9179
Mobile:  136-9198-4046
ICQ Number: 173161456
MSN Name: address@hidden
QICQ Number: 88680008

Welcome to contact us !

Chinese text:
我們在深圳主要專業于廣告宣傳制品的印務生產工作,  例如: 
彩色名片,只需HK$30一盒,每人3盒起數, 數碼攝影每張最低HK$20起.


01:26:40      2005-06-10

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